Art Books

JOHN VAN DER STERREN, a Tropical Journey
By Didier Hamel

English, French, Japanese texts - Published March 2001
216 pages & 377 illustrations - Size: 27,5 x 23 cm

Biography of one of the most famous landscape artist living working in Far East. Countries: Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand & Cambodia. An interesting vision of expressionism in Asia.

By Amir Sidharta

English texts - Published April 2002
628 pages & 750 illustrations - Size: 28 x 30 x 6 cm

The most complete Biography ever published concerning the most famous Dutch artist who arrived in Indonesia in 1938. A living legend painting in Java & Bali, A. Smit was the founder of the Balinese school “The Young Artists” around 1956.

By Nasjah Djamin & Sides Sudyarto

English texts - Published July 2005
176 pages & 245 illustrations - Size: 27,5x 23 cm

The life, the art & the soul of a famous Javanese artist during almost a century (1914- 2005). A very interesting art adventure immersed in Indonesian History.

THEO MEIER, A Swiss Artist under the Tropics
By Didier Hamel

English texts - Published June 2007
272 pages & 480 illustrations - Size: 31x 26 cm

The most complete biography of the famous Swiss artist who spent his life in Tahiti, Bali & Thailand from 1932 till 1982. Introducing adventures, ethnography and visions of an artist who experienced the golden age of these exotic destinations.

JOHN VAN DER STERREN - Colourful Horizons
By Didier Hamel

English texts – Published March 2008
280 pages & 580 illustrations - Size: 27,5 x 23 cm

The most complete biography published on a News Zealand artist born in Indonesia in 1938. Famous for his landscapes and his portraits, his colourful expressionist works invite art lovers to visit Indonesia (Java, Bali, Sumatra & Sulawesi), Europe, Morocco, New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand and China.

RUDOLF SCHMIDT - A Voyage From Europe to the Far East
By Roland Held

English & German texts – Published June 2010
312 pages & 400 illustrations - Size: 26 x 31 cm

This book has the privilege of introducing the life and art of Rudolf Schmidt. With 400 paintings, this talented German artist invites us to travel in numerous countries from Europe, where he was born eighty years ago, to the Far East, which he discovered in the 1980’s. Schmidt, probably one of the last few artists following the great tradition of Post-Impressionist style, demonstrates through his work the importance of the reflection of light on the objects in his works.

AUKE SONNEGA (1910-1963) "Enchanting Tropics"
by Didier Hamel

English Text - Published December 2011
208 pages & 350 illustrations - size 27,5 x 23 cm
ISBN: 978-602-9166-02-6

The Dutch artist, Auke Sonnega, arrived in Batavia in 1935 and during a 23-year sojourn painted on the islands of Java, Bali and Sumatra.
Strikingly, inspired by Indonesian wonders, the artist developed his unique "Art Deco" compositions merging in great harmony with the tropical atmospheres he enjoyed. Published on the occasion of the centenary of Sonnega's birth, this luxurious and well-documented biography definitively celebrates this legendary artist, who belongs forever to the "Golden Age of Bali".